Thursday, August 27, 2009

Colorado Trail

As dedicated trail runners, we love discovering new trails and running adventures. We prefer running these new trails, but we also love uncovering new trails, researching them, hearing about other runners adventures and planning our next trip. We'll share new trails on Trail Runners Outpost when we find them and tell you about some of our experiences running them.

We recently returned from a 5 day 80 mile running trip on the Colorado Trail. We ran from the Gold Hill Trailhead near Frisco/Breckenridge to the Mount Massive Trailhead near Leadville. On our final day we ran to the top of Mt. Elbert - the highest peak in Colorado and 2nd highest in the lower 48 states at 14,433 feet. This segment of the Colorado Trail was spectacular with an amazing amount of variety from rushing creek valleys to high alpine ridge running. On the first day we went over the Tenmile Range and experienced some sublime ridge running. The second day took us over Searle and Kokomo Pass and amazing fields of wildflowers. The alpine traverse between Searle and Kokomo Pass at over 12,000 feet was spectacular. The third day took us through the beautiful Holy Cross Wilderness area with high mountain lakes and rugged alpine terrain. On the fourth day we ran through the Mt. Massive Wilderness Area and on some sweet rolling singletrack through thick pine forests.

Our trip on the Colorado Trail was just a small sampling of the wonders this trail offers. The Colorado Trail runs from Denver to Durango and covers nearly 500 miles. The trail is divided into 28 segments, each making a great daily running adventure. Six designated wilderness areas are crossed and it climbs over several high mountain passes.

Over the years many runners have run the entire trail from end to end. The Colorado Trail makes a great running adventure with good access points along the trail for support. The fastest known time for covering the entire length of the Colorado Trail is held by trail runner Paul Pomeroy. He completed the entire length of the trail running from east to west in 8 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes. Pomeroy also has the fastest known time for the unsupported run of the Colorado Trail in 14 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes. We recommend taking your time and enjoying each days run on the trail.

Adventure Running Co. offers a 5 day fully supported run on the Colorado Trail. This is a great way to run a beautiful section of the Colorado Trail, enjoy full support including gear transport and meals, relax after a beautiful day of running and make some great new running friends.

To learn more about the Colorado Trail and begin planning your own adventure, check out the Colorado Trail Foundation website. The Colorado Trail Foundation also has a great guidebook covering the entire trail.

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  1. As one of the runners on this trip, I can attest to the dreamy running that the Colorado Trail affords. The single track is smooth and whippy the entire way, with epic descents and climbs along the way.

    The altitude may have slowed us down a touch, but that just gave us an excuse to look around and enjoy the company of fellow runners.

    Running 10 to 20 miles a day for five days in the mountains on buff trail is our idea of a fine vacation.